Cocktail Station | KB-1300-S2


Dimensions ( L x W x H )
1300 x 600 x 965/985 (min./max. adjustable height)

114 KG / 251 LB

Stainless Steel 304

Total Ice Chest Capacity
93 L / 3145 FL OZ

Speedrail Capacity
7-8 (+2 if combined with Bottlestep)

Serving Capacity (before refilling ice chest)

*Based on industry standard ice cubes 25x25x23 (20ml)
*Servings are an estimate and is strongly dependant on the way the station is organised

Standard included

Ice chest

  • Isolated ice chest with drainage and a cross shaped base so any excessive liquids can flow naturally to the drainage
  • Garnish rail with 6x GN 1/9 (100mm) containers
  • 3x Ice chest divider
  • 1x Ice chest roster
  • 1x Speedcounter made of food-safe plastic
  • 1x Speedrail with 7-8 bottles storage capacity (+2 if combined with Bottlestep)

Bartool Unit

  • 1x Bartool Unit with drainage
  • 1x Bartool Roster
  • 1x Bartool Unit Divider
  • 1x Bottlestep / Blender unit

Rinse Unit

  • Rinse unit with drainage and rinse unit container
  • 1x Retractable faucet
  • 2x Glass rinser
  • 1x Cutting board with waste chute
  • Rack
  • 1x Integrated waste drawer inlcuding waiste bin

Storage Drawers

  • 2x Stainless steel drawers for general bar storage