Cocktail station

The Kobayashi workflow cocktail station is available in 3 standard sizes: 1000mm, 1300mm and 1600mm. The 3 sizes are all available as drop-in model or standing model. We also provide custom solutions on request. For the most demanding cocktail bars we also engineer and produce complete bar solutions of 2000 of 2500mm.

The unique attributes of the cocktail station:

- Isolated ice chest; with dividers for separating ice cubes and crushed ice. With roster at the bottom so that melted ice can go towards the drainage.
- Garnish rail; for lemon, lime, mint, fruit and other garnishes. The garnish rail is GN compatible and is standard delivered with 1/9GN containers.
- Speedrail; out of 1 piece welded together with the ice chest at the front of the cocktail station, for your bestselling liquors. Depending on the model with space for 7 to 12 bottles.
- Bartoolunit; for rinsing and soaking bartools. With drainage in the bottom and wateroverflow at the side towards the rinse unit.
- Blender unit/2-step bitter unit; space for placing a blender with cable hole. When you do not use a blender you can use the 2-step bitter unit for bitters, liquors or other cocktail ingredients.
- Rinse unit; efficient sink with glass rinsers with big logo-perforated grid. Including a rinse unit container.
- Faucet; including an extractable faucet head which can be used to clean the cocktail station. The position of the faucet allows you to use it above the rinse unit, but also to fill your bartoolunit with fresh water.
- Cutting board; made of food-safe plastic with hole and waiste-pipe.
- Speedcounter; made of food-safe plastic for cutting ingredients or placing glasses. Extra workspace right in front of the ice chest.
- Towel rack; for placing clean towels
- Optional undercarriage; choose the drop-in or standing model cocktail station. The undercarriage has a waiste drawer which is right underneath the waiste pipe of the cutting board.

Besides preparing cocktails our barstations are very efficient for preparing soft drinks, wines and other (homemade) drinks such as ice thee or smoothies. Thanks to the modularity and custom build posibilities we can provide the ideal solution for every (bar)situation. Whether you are looking for a mobile stainless steel cocktail bar, a cocktail station, a complet barstation or specific working station for coffee, smoothies or something else.